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“They Had What It Takes – Part 19: Glenn H. Curtiss” by Alden McWilliams

Link - Posted by David on February 22, 2011 @ 2:29 pm in

Flying Aces ran Alden McWilliams’ illustrated tributes to the pioneer fliers of the early days of aviation from 1937 through 1940. This time McWilliams chronicles the life of Glenn H. Curtiss—the ace of plane makers! Like the Wright Brothers, Curtiss started out in bicycles, but went through motorcycles on his path to building planes. He is perhaps best known for the “Jenny” which the army used as a training plane during WWI. Curtiss was also a pioneer in sea plane development—here Curtiss tests a seaplane glider.

“Hellion Hunch” by Arch Whitehouse

Link - Posted by Bill on March 16, 2008 @ 6:21 pm in

“Shut up and get a shovel!” Such was the impudent retort that Crash Carringer flung at old F.S.F. Winters, C.O. of No. 609, Britain’s brave little air post in the wilds of India’s Afridi-ridden North West Frontier. And that retort tartly expressed the nervy nature of the hard-shooting Yank warplane salesman. For Crash was tough. He needed all his toughness, too. For he was roaring’ off to a “date with Death” in the nullahs to prove that blood is thicker than— tobacco!