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“Destroyer” by Steve Fisher

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ThumbDestroyerDJHere is the starkly realistic story of an obsolete American submarine in war time—trapped by the thundering herd of depth-charging destroyers overhead. . . . The poignant, profoundly emotional account of men inside the firing pits of a battleship’s 14-inch turret guns—fighting the last desperate fight for Democracy.
It is the love story of a young naval officer, a girl correspondent, and an embittered novelist who has been to all the wars. The story is unfolded during what may be the most important hour in American history.
The United States has declared war on Germany, Italy, and Japan. The invading navies of these countries prepare for an advance on the Panama Canal. A terrific naval battle takes place. The result hangs in balance. And the suspense in this story is tremendous as the action shifts from the high seas where the U.S. Fleet is battling the enemy might—to intrigue-ridden Cristobal, where foreign agents strive to undermine the power of the U.S. in the Canal Zone, and where the unusual love story of the three principal characters reaches a surprise climax.

“Fate Flies the Breda” by Arch Whitehouse

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Here is the sixth, and last, of Arch Whitehouse’s tales of Coffin Kirk and his simian assistant Tank. It was just an ordinary tin can. But before the day was done, that innocent-looking red container was destined to cause a lot of trouble for Coffin Kirk, for the Japanese knew what was in it. And they were determined that it would never reach it’s destination.