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“The Complete Adventures of Coffin Kirk” by Arch Whitehouse

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 The six adventures of Arch Whitehouse’s “Coffin Kirk” appeared in Flying Aces from October 1937 to June 1941. They featured Brian “Coffin” Kirk’s battles against the evil Circle of Death. Kirk is ably assisted by his simian sidekick Tank. All of these stories have been available for dowload on our site, but we have decided to put them together in one PDF so that our loyal readers can access them more easily.

“They Had What It Takes – Part 1: Charles Lindbergh” by Alden McWilliams

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Starting with the February 1937 issue of Flying Aces, Alden McWilliams began his illustrated tribute to the pioneer aviators of that era. He called it “They Had What it Takes”. It appeared in each issue of Flying Aces until June 1940. Each week we will make a new installment available for download.

Part 1 features the greatest legend of them all, Charles Lindbergh.

“Smell-Shocked” by Joe Archibald

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That great German ace, the Mad Butcher from Hamburg, wants some Limburger and can’t find it. Phineas, the mad Pinkham from Boonetown, Iowa, has some Limburger and doesn’t know it. Oh, yes. Fate brings them together. The big cheese!

More Great Blakeslee Covers!

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This week we have more great Dare-Devil Aces covers by Frederick Blakeslee. Popular Publications published some dynamite aviation art on the cover of Dare-Devil Aces! Sadly, we don’t use more than a sliver of it for our books. But that’s a design choice — We’re not trying to keep anything from you. And now we’ve added two more years of great Blakeslee covers to our growing gallery––1934 and 1935!

We’ve only featured two covers from this period on our books. The Red Falcon: The Complete Dare-Devil Aces Years Volume III collected his adventures from January 1934 through July 1935 and as such we used the cover from the May 1934 issue on the back cover of that book. The three planes on the May 1934 issue sort of mirror the three planes challenging the Red Falcon and Sika in the Blakeslee illustration for “The Tom-Tom Ace” used on the cover.

The other cover we’ve used was from 1935. Chinese Brady: The Complete Adventures made use of the April cover. The grey clouds worked well with the orange cover in a way the usual blue sky Blakeslee uses on a majority of the covers didn’t.

You can enjoy these as well as covers from 1932 and 1933 in our Dare-Devil Aces Cover Gallery!

“Raider Wings” by Arch Whitehouse

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Tug Hardwick’s sleek Northrop was beautiful as it hurtled over the shimmering Sulu Sea—beautiful, that is, until its vitals were poisoned with whistling lead! Anyhow, this hot interview was something the Flying-Reporter  hadn’t expected. Why, before his story was written it was getting punctuated—with bullets! But bullets or no. Tug was bent on tracking down his man. And he knew he was on the right track when a booming laugh brought forth—a little ship that wasn’t there!