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“Q-Boat of the Air” by Ralph Oppenheim

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In this early Three Mosquitoes story, Kirby, Shorty, and Travis take on a German staffel who ambush helpless Allied observation flights, but run when confronted by any fighter craft. The Mosquitoes’ C.O. comes up with a wild solution to trap the cowardly Boche.

“This Guy Weston” by O.B. Myers

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O. B. Myers was a decorated WWI fighter pilot who turned to writing after the war. His air war stories have an authenticity that many writers can’t duplicate. This is especially true in this story of a new pilot experiencing the fear and confusion of combat for the first time.

“Sky Route To Hell” by Harold F. Cruickshank

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The hero of our Age of Aces book “Sky Devil: Hell’s Skipper” returns to action once again in another WWII adventure. Bill Dawe had to change his name and lie about his age to join the RAF’s fight against Hitler’s Luftwaffe. Now, with his son a member, The Sky Devil’s Brood must take on a deadly mission to escort a supply convoy from England to Italy, This is the last of four WWII Sky Devil stories from Harold F. Cruickshank.

“Without Benefit of Bullets” by Major George Fielding Eliot

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Pat Magee didn’t believe in ghosts, but how else could he explain the German two seater that landed on the Allied tarmac with empty cockpits. His curiosity had gotten him in trouble before, and now it was about to again.