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“The Haunted Helmet” by O.B. Myers

Link - Posted by David on June 22, 2018 @ 6:00 am in

THIS week we have a story from the pen of a prolific pulp author O.B. Myers! Myers was a pilot himself, flying with the 147th Aero Squadron and carrying two credited victories and awarded the Distinguished Service Cross.

C Flight’s Ace, Tod Bonder, is heading in for the kill on a German plane when one of the Boche’s own countrymen shoot him down right in front of his eyes. Going down to check the wrecked Fokker on the ground, Tod finds that it was probably the unfortunate pilot’s first patrol. He brings back the pilot’s effects including a good luck tailsman we wore around his neck and his woven blue flight helmet. However, it seems that anyone who wares the blue helmet also meets with unfortunate circumstances. It’s not until Tod himself wares the helmet that he realizes the truth of “The Haunted Helmet!” From The October 1933 issue of War Birds—

Death Handed Her Calling Card to Every Man Who Wore That Hun Helmet—Then Came the Day When Shrieking Spandau Steel Told the Secret!

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