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Captain Philip Strange: Strange Rivals

by Donald E. Keyhoe

A war between Strange Rivals! Arch competitors on stage become deadly enemies in war! Philip Strange, the Mental Marvel, meets Karl von Zenden, the Man of a Thousand Faces, in a return engagement. Step right up for the craziest double-bill in peace or in conflict. Also appearing for a limited time: flying skeletons, ghost aces, and sky pirates. Can America’s “Brain-Devil” bring down the curtain on this cursed menagerie, or will he finally be upstaged by his evil opposite?

Roaring out of the 1930’s comes the greatest heroes to ever fly WWI Europe’s unfriendly skies!

Straight from the tattered pages of Popular Publication’s air war pulps, Age of Aces Books is proud to be able to bring you the best of these heroes. Don’t spend all that time and money tracking down dozens of the crumbling original magazines looking for your favorite aviator. Age of Aces has done that for you. Each of our books contain stories featuring a single exciting character or written by one of your favorite authors. We are also doing some books that are not air war but still have a connection to that era and those magazines. All Age of Aces books are 6 X 9 trade paperback editions, and are available from Amazon.com.

Latest Dispatches

J.W. Scott’s Sky Devils, Pt2

Link - Posted October 25, 2021 @ 6:00 am in

WE’RE back with two more of Scott’s great covers! Scott painted covers for practically every genre of pulp—sports, western, detective, science fiction and aviation. Most notable of his aviation covers are the ones he did for Western Fiction Publishing’s Sky Devils, which only ran for seven issues. Scott was very adept at capturing people, so [...]

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“Spy Drome” by H.P.S. Greene

Link - Posted October 22, 2021 @ 6:00 am in

Cornered by a fat little spy, a conspiring squadron commander and an M.S.E. who rigged the Spad for a crash, what could Von Blon do? His last landing was on a German field, hands in the air.

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“Mile-High Explosives” by Frederick C. Davis

Link - Posted October 15, 2021 @ 6:00 am in

Dynamite on the sky track! It’s tough and fast, the newsreel game, and Nick Royce is the toughest and fastest pilot that ever flew cloud-high camera shots from the danger spot marked X.

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J.W. Scott’s Sky Devils, Pt1

Link - Posted October 11, 2021 @ 6:00 am in

HERE, at Age of Aces Books, we have featured a lot of great aviation covers by Frederick Blakeslee (Dare-Devil Aces, Battle Aces and Battle Birds), Eugene M. Frandzen (Sky Fighters and Lone Eagle), Paul Bissell (Flying Aces) and C.B. Mayshark (Flying Aces). You can add to that list J.W. Scott! Scott painted covers for practically [...]

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New Books Premiering at PulpFest!

Link - Posted August 16, 2021 @ 6:00 am in

AFTER a year-long Covid delay, Age of Aces Books has returned with two new books. We’ll be premiering them at PulpFest 2021 this week.
First up is The Black Falcon by Arthur J. Burks.

Selected by Black Jack Pershing himself for an impossible assignment, Lt. Evan Post was volunteered to drive Germany’s top five aces out [...]

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“Sky Writers, December 1937″ by Terry Gilkison

Link - Posted August 11, 2021 @ 6:00 am in

Test your war-air knowledge and try your hand at this month’s quiz!

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Coming soon…

Link - Posted August 9, 2021 @ 6:00 am in

CAPTAIN PHILIP STRANGE returns to face off against the Man of 1000 Faces, Karl Von Zenden in the final volume of the series, Strange Rivals!

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“Sky Writers, October 1937″ by Terry Gilkison

Link - Posted July 14, 2021 @ 6:00 am in

Test your war-air knowledge and try your hand at this month’s quiz!

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“Sky Fighters, November 1937″ by Eugene M. Frandzen

Link - Posted July 5, 2021 @ 6:00 am in

On the November 1937 cover, It’s the deadly Gotha!

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“Sky Writers, August 1937″ by Terry Gilkison

Link - Posted June 16, 2021 @ 6:00 am in

Test your war-air knowledge and try your hand at this month’s quiz!

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