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Captain Philip Strange: Strange Squadrons

By Donald E. Keyhoe

Strange HellA mental marvel from birth, who used his talents on stage as a boy, Philip Strange is now known as “The Phantom Ace of G-2″ by the Allies during WWI. From his very first adventure, Captain Philip Strange has rooted out only the most bizarre battalions commissioned by Germany in the Great War. When flying coffins circle the air, or severed hands drop from the sky, the call goes out for the Phantom Ace of G-2 Intelligence. For the Allies know that only the so-called “Brain-Devil” and his aides can out-fly the zombie traitors and human bombs, or out-spy fiends like The Mask and the Man with the Iron Claw! When World War I gets weird, only America’s own “Phantom Ace of G-2” has a ghost of a chance against the supernatural slaughter. Captain Philip Strange in his strangest cases yet from the pages of Flying Aces magazine!

Take another trip through the imaginings of Donald E. Keyhoe, where the WWI war skies are filled with giant bats, invisible fire, and beautiful spies. And where America turns to its own unnatural secret weapon: Captain Philip Strange. A mental marvel from birth, he was so terrifyingly effective as the Allies’ top agent that the Germans were offering a king’s ransom for his death. This fifth volume of weird WWI adventures collects six stories featuring Germany’s wildest attempts to win the war and Captain Philip Strange’s counter measures!

Stories include:

  • “A Squadron Will Perish,” – Flying Aces, August 1931
  • “Port of Missing Pilots,” – Flying Aces, March 1932
  • “The Fokker Fiend,” – Flying Aces, May 1932
  • “The Midnight Ace,” – Flying Aces, June 1934
  • “Squadron from the Grave,” – Flying Aces, June 1936
  • “The Mad Squadron,” – Flying Aces, October 1937
$16.99 | 6″x9″ trade paperback | 318pp | ISBN:978-1-937590-13-0