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David Kalb

David KalbCredited as Designer, David is responsible for putting the words and images together into one neat package. “Basically, I do the heavy lifting. I take the OCRed stories Bill sends me and work them into our general design Chris established with Captain Babyface. I scan the artwork and clean it up––removing the titles and text and fit the artwork to the page trying to use as much of Blakeslee’s original pulp art as possible, filling it in as needed while maintaining the intention and style of Blakeslee’s work.”

David is known online and in the pulp world for his extensive Avenger Archives (1999-2007) which covered all aspects of The Avenger’s original pulp run. It was such a good site people still link to it even though it’s not there. He has now turned his interest in the pulps from edifying them online to reprinting them. Unfortunately, no one ever said you can get rich doing pulp reprints, so David hasn’t quit his day job yet––he’s painting the suburbs of Philadelphia one house at a time.