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The Vanished Legion is here!

Link - Posted by David on June 20, 2011 @ 6:41 pm in
“Nine Yank aces had gone forth to hunt that hidden base. And nine had returned—dying—their faces slashed and clawed—their lips muttering a single name, “Silver Face.” Who was this strange enemy? Why did he brand his victims in such a manner? The Allies wondered in terror as Dick Traine took up that grim hell trail—the trail of vanished men.”

Yes, Donald E. Keyhoe’s seven stories of The Vanished Legion from the pages of Dare-Devil Aces have been collected into one volume and is now available to order from Amazon. Surely you remember from History class reading about when the Germans found a way to turn Allied pilots into Dwarfs, in doing so, driving them mad and sending them back to attack their former squadrons or the grizzly green death—a gas that would render its victims dead in seconds, an unsettling learing grin upon their twisted faces or maybe you recall Germany’s plan to render the Allies defenceless with a ray that would block out all sight and sound. This is the history they don’t teach you about in school! So join Dick Train, Monte Prince, Bill Hammond and the rest of the Squadron of Forgotten Men as Colonel Meredith sends them out against some of the most bizarre schemes the Boche ever threw against the Allies in WWI!