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Battling Grogan and the Dragon Squadron are here!

Link - Posted by David on July 9, 2013 @ 11:20 pm in

grogan_3dAfter a bit of a break Age of Aces is back with our biggest book ever! 470 pages big! We have posted a few of The Battling Grogan stories a number of years ago and thought they we so great we set about to collect all 14 of the stories and put them together in one big volume.

The stories are set in China between the wars when Imperial Japan was trying to make inroads on China. Battling Mordray Grogan is an American pilot who leads the Chinese Dragon Squadron. He’s ably assisted by his three valiant flight commanders, Monty St. John, the lanky Limey, slender Hank Goyen, the dapper Frog, and last but not least, the imperturbable Ah Im, Grogan’s boyhood chum of old Nanking days, now premier olive-toned ace of the Dragon clan.

Battling Grogan is the brainchild of WWi pilot Robert M. Burtt who wrote the 14 stories between 1932 and 1934 for Flying Aces Magazine. Burtt is probably best know as the co-creator and writer of aviation-themed radio serials The Air Adventures of Jimmie Allen (1933-37), Captain Midnight (1938-49), Hop Harrigan (1942-48) and Sky King (1946-54).

So click on the book image above or cruise on over to Amazon and check out our latest release!