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“The Spy in the Ointment” by Robert J. Hogan

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When they asked for volunteers to fly that spy mission, Abe answered because he couldn’t sit down. It took another spy to convince him that medals were not always granted for bravery.

“One Blue Flare” by O. B. Myers

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When the Blue Flare tore through the skies, no pilot ever failed to answer that signal for help. But sometimes someone answers it who shouldn’t. Then a baited trap is the only answer.

“Bomb Voyage” by Joe Archibald

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That idea Phineas had for trapping half the German Air Force was good. G.H.Q. liked it. Even Major Rufus Garrity took to it. Oh, yes, there was a catch. Half the German Air Force had to fall for it, too.

“Without Benefit of Bullets” by Major George Fielding Eliot

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Pat Magee didn’t believe in ghosts, but how else could he explain the German two seater that landed on the Allied tarmac with empty cockpits. His curiosity had gotten him in trouble before, and now it was about to again.

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