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An Ambrose Hooley Bibliography

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This month we’re celebrating the talents of that pulp stalwart—Joe Archibald. Archibald wrote hundreds of stories for the pulps, both dramatic and humorous. His bread and butter it would seem was the humorous tale. He had long running series in several pulp titles. In the detective titles there was Alvin Hinkey, the harness bull Hawkshaw, in 10 Story Detective; Scoops & Snooty, the Evening Star’s dizzy duo, in Ten Detective Aces; and the President of the Hawkeye Detective Agency himself—Willie Klump in Popular Detective. While in the aviation titles he had Elmer Hubbard and Pokey Cook in Sky Birds; the pride of Booneville—Phineas Pinkham in Flying Aces; and the one-two punch of Ambrose Hooley & Muley Spinks in The Lone Eagle, The American Eagle, Sky Fighters and War Birds!

Here the incomparable Dunc Coburn handles the illustration duties for
“They Had To Flee Paris” (April 1942, The American Eagle)

The Ambrose Hooley stories are written as if Muley Spinks were telling us the tale, describing Hooley as a sawed off little tomato who is a demon in a Spad and dynamite with his fists on the ground. Hooley is frequently working some angle at the 93 Pursuit Squadron and getting their C.O. Major Bertram Bagby’s Hackels up.

A listing of all Joe Archibald’s Ambrose Hooley & Muley Spinks tales.

title magazine date vol no
A Fuel There Was War Birds aug 32 1
Hun and Dearie War Birds oct 32 2
Doubling in Brass Hats Sky Fighters Jan 16 1
A Flyer in Cauliflowers Sky Fighters Jul 17 2
Jennies From Heaven The Lone Eagle oct 15 2
Pfalz Teeth The Lone Eagle feb 16 1
Flying Fishy The Lone Eagle apr 16 2
Rumpler Stakes The Lone Eagle jun 16 3
Just Plane Nuts The Lone Eagle aug 17 1
Spandau Re Mi The Lone Eagle oct 17 2
Goose Stepbrothers The Lone Eagle jun 18 3
Cockpit Cuckoos The Lone Eagle aug 19 1
Observation Bus Boys The Lone Eagle oct 19 2
Filet of Solos The Lone Eagle jun 20 3
From Spad to Worse The Lone Eagle aug 21 1
Plane Jane The Lone Eagle oct 21 2
Chocks and Blondes The Lone Eagle dec 21 3
Spook Spad The Lone Eagle feb 22 1
Reel Heroes The Lone Eagle apr 22 2
Flight Manager The Lone Eagle jun 22 3
Pastry Doughboys The American Eagle aug 23 1
Dawn Patrol Wagon The American Eagle feb 24 1
They Had to Flee Paris The American Eagle apr 24 2
Prussian Patsies The American Eagle sum 24 3
A Bargain For Blois The American Eagle fal 25 1
Sea Slick The American Eagle win 25 2
Francs and Sauerkraut American Eagles spr 25 3
Messup––1918 Sky Fighters Sep 29 3
Cualiflower Alley Sky Fighters jan 30 2
Dough Dough Birds Sky Fighters sum 31 1
Uneasy Aces Sky Fighters fal 31 2
Ambrose Hooley, C.O. Sky Fighters spr 32 1
Forever Ambrose Sky Fighters sum 32 2
At ‘Em, Bums Sky Fighters sum 33 3
Errornautics Sky Fighters fal 34 1
Spy Crust Sky Fighters win 34 2
Operation Hooley Sky Fighters win 35 3


We present as a bonus, Joe Archibald’s first tale of Ambrose Hooley. No Muley Spinks as yet, but all the other elements are there—the 93 Pursuit Squadron, Major Bagby and Ambrose shooting krauts out of the sky like ducks in a barrel while simultaneously working all the angles. The tale of assumed identity is illustrated by our old friend Frederick Blakeslee using a more cartoonish style! So, without further Adoo, “A Fuel There Was”—

He was washing out ships at fifteen thousand dollars a washout—but Ambrose was determined to win the war along with the heart of a girl in Kansas.


For Ambrose and Muley in action together, check out “Rumpler Stakes” previously posted on AgeofAces.net.

When this pair of wild aces get started, they ruin anybody’s old war!