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The Three Mosquitoes:
The Night Monster

By Ralph Oppenheim

“TheTHEY were known up and down the Western Front as The Inseparable Trio—they were the Three Mosquitoes! Kirby, the D’Artagnan of the group, led the formation even though he was the youngest— his amazing skills had won him the position of leader of the trio. On his right flew “Shorty” Carn, bald, stocky, and mild of eye, but nevertheless a dead shot with a gun. On his left flew Travis, the oldest and wisest of the trio, whose lanky legs made it difficult for him to adjust himself in the little cockpit. With their customary battle cry—“Let’s go!”—they’re off on another dangerous mission in perilous skies!

Ralph Oppenheim’s Three Mosquitoes was one of the longest running aviation series to never have its own magazine. They flew for twelve years, through nine different magazines in over five dozen stories! This thrilling volume collects four action-packed adventures from the pages of Popular Publications’ Dare-Devil Aces!

Stories include:

  • “The Night Monster,” – Dare-Devil Aces, February 1932
  • “The Crimson Ace,” – Dare-Devil Aces, July 1932
  • “The Rocket Ace,” – Dare-Devil Aces, November 1932
  • “The Secret Ace Patrol,” – Dare-Devil Aces, June1933
$16.99 | 6″x9″ trade paperback | 288pp | ISBN: 978-1-937590-21-5