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The Adventures of Smoke Wade (vol.1)

By Robert J. Hogan

The Adventures of Smoke Wade vol.1Smoke Wade is a rough and tumble Arizona cowpoke who never came across a fight, or a bet, he was afraid to take on. He left the range and became the skipper of the American 66th Pursuit Squadron in WWI France. Flying a Pinto colored Spad he calls Jake, after his favorite Pinto ranch horse, Smoke always has his trusty six-shooter strapped to his leg. He makes frequent use of it during his aerial battles with the Germans, led by their evil ace Baron von Stolz.

When he isn’t shooting down German planes, Smoke is getting in trouble with his superiors over his love for placing bets on just about anything that seems like a long-shot. Smoke most always wins these bets, and everyone from generals to mechanics is left owing him money and wondering how they had been snookered.

 Author Robert J. Hogan’s first job after graduating from St. Lawrence University was riding range for several ranches on the west slope of the Rockies. After that he tried amateur boxing and playing piano for silent movies and hoedown dances. Before he became a writer he also had built houses, manufactured leather goods, designed planes, and taught flying.

Stories include:

  • “Six Gun Eagle” – Battle Aces, August 1932
  • “Dead Man’s Staffel” – Dare-Devil Aces, December 1932
  • “Ghost Drome” – Battle Birds, December 1932
  • “Buzzard’s Trap” – Battle Birds, January 1933
  • “The Death Fokker” – Battle Birds, February 1933
  • “The Flaming Patrol” – Battle Birds, March 1933
  • “The Cowboy Flight” – Battle Birds, July 1933
  • “The Death Circus” – Battle Birds, August 1933
  • “Steel Coffin Ace” – Battle Birds, September 1933
  • “The Gotha Ghost” – Battle Birds, October 1933
  • “The Secret Squadron” – Battle Birds, November 1933
  • “Sixgun Circus” – Battle Birds,December 1933
  • “Injun Buzzards” – Battle Birds, January 1934


  • “Flying Aces of The Pulps” by Don Hutchison
  • “Smoke Wade: A Brief History” by Bill Mann
$16.99 | 6″x9″ trade paperback | 408pp | ISBN:978-0-9820950-1-0