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Murder of the Admiral: A Sheridan Doome Mystery

By Steve Fisher

“MurderAs chief detective for U.S. Naval Intelligence, Lieutenant Commander Sheridan Doome’s job was a grim one. Whenever an extraordinary mystery or crime occurred in the fleet, on a naval base, or anywhere the navy worked to protect American interests, Doome was immediately dispatched to investigate it. Fear and dread would always precede Doome’s arrival in his special black airplane. An explosion during WWI had left Doome monstrously disfigured. Much of his skin had been burned away, leaving his head and face an expressionless bone-white lump of scar tissue. But behind the ugliness was a brilliant mind. Sheridan Doome always got his man.

A big gray dreadnaught was plunged into a night of horrors! It was reported as a suicide, but the death of the Admiral was a murder. The proof was in his stateroom—a clue so damning that a killer was hung by it. Everyone could see it, yet the only person who recognized its significance was Sheridan Doome, an ace of the Naval Intelligence. Doome is a detective who does not blunder or miss a clue; a ruthless sleuth, but a warmhearted human being.

Before Sheridan Doome became a staple in the pages of The Shadow magazine, two Doome hardcover mysteries were written in the mid-1930’s by acclaimed hard-boiled author Steve Fisher (I Wake Up Screaming) and edited by his wife Edythe Seims (Dime Detective, G-8 and His Battle Aces).

Age of Aces Books had originally present this title along with Fisher’s other hardcover Sheridan Doome story Murder of the Pigboat Skipper as a special Age of Aces Double Flip book. Murder of the Admiral is the first in this series.

$7.99 | 6″x9″ trade paperback | 188pp | ISBN: 978-1-937590-18-6