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Devildog Squadron No.2 The Flying Juggernaut

By Donald E. Keyhoe

“The“CYCLONE BILL” GARRITY and his Mad Marines are back in the thick of things in six more Weird World War I adventures from the imaginative pen of Donald E. Keyhoe. Those devilish Germans have devised yet more ways to turn the tide and win the war! Operating from airfields hidden behind waterfalls, or beneath impenetrable domes, or simply under camouflage nets, the Boche unleash a myriad of merciless menaces: deadly rays that can wipe an entire drome off the face of the earth; dead pilots that are resurrected to kill again with poisonous green smoke; a tank as large as a city block that can flatten everything in it’s path; and the cloak of death itself that is able to suck the life out of anything it might touch—both pilot and plane!

Donald E. Keyhoe had three series running in three different magazines starting in August 1931. There was Captain Philip Strange in Flying Aces; The Jailbird Flight in Battle Aces; and those mad Marines, the Devildog Squadron in the pages of Sky Birds! This is the second of four volumes reprinting those stories from Sky Birds magazine. Included in this volume are Devildog Doom, Lucky’s Day, The Devildogs Decoy, The Flying Juggernaut, The Squadron Nobody Knew, and Devildog Breed.

Stories include:

  • “Devildog Doom,” – Sky Birds, June 1932
  • “Lucky’s Day,” – Sky Birds, August 1932
  • “The Devildogs Decoy,” – Sky Birds, January 1933
  • “The Flying Juggernaut,” – Sky Birds, February 1933
  • “The Squadron Nobody Knew,” – Sky Birds, July 1933
  • “Devildog Breed,” – Sky Birds, July 1934
$16.99 | 6″x9″ trade paperback | 312pp | ISBN: 978-1-937590-20-8