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Devildog Squadron No.1 The Crimson Fog

By Donald E. Keyhoe

“TheMeet “Cyclone Bill” Garrity. Square of jaw and stern of eye, he was the big, hard-boiled C.O. of the 28th Pursuit—a squadron of 27 of the maddest Marines on the Western Front: there was Hick Jones, the tall, lanky Texan who was second in command; Larry Brent, the youthful leader of B Flight; and Lucky Lane and his three lunatics—the solemn-looking Mack Tuttle, Benny Sparks, and the big Irish lug, Pug Flanagan—to name just a few. They may have been hard drinkers with no concept of regulations, but they were all two-fisted fighters in the air, able to out-maneuver, out-fly, and out-scrap any bizarre menace that came their way. They were, as the enraged Boche had labeled them, der Teufelhund Jagdstaffel—the Devildog Squadron!

Donald E. Keyhoe had three series running in three different agains starting in August 1931. There was Captain Philip Strange in Flying Aces; The Jailbird Flight in Battle Aces; and those mad Marines, the Devildog Squadron in the pages of Sky Birds! This is the first of four volumes reprinting those stories from Sky Birds magazine. Included in this volume are Devildogs of the Sky, The Squadron Without a Name, The Squadron in Scarlet, The Frozen Fate, Without Benefit of Bullets, Flares in the Fog, Suicide Shells, and

Stories include:

  • “Devildogs of the Sky,” – Sky Birds, August 1931
  • “The Squadron Without a Name,” – Sky Birds, September 1931
  • “The Squadron in Scarlet,” – Sky Birds, November 1931
  • “The Frozen Fate,” – Sky Birds, December1931
  • “Without Benefit of Bullets,” – Sky Birds, January 1932
  • “Flares in the Fog,” – Sky Birds, February 1932
  • “Suicide Shells,” – Sky Birds, March1932
  • “The Crimson Fog,” – Sky Birds, April 1932


  • ”From the Keyhoe Scrapbooks: Birth of a Writer” by David Kalb
  • Bibliography of all Devildog Stories
$16.99 | 6″x9″ trade paperback | 278pp | ISBN: 978-1-937590-07-9