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Chinese Brady: The Complete Adventures

By C.M. Miller

Chinese Brady“If that isn’t Chinese Brady I’ll eat my boots!” Major Bill Abel and Colonel Rog Wharton recognized the new pilot immediately. His graying hair might be dyed black, but these two old war horses would never forget the man who had saved their lives in Shanghai during the 1900 Boxer rebellion. For Chinese Brady, war and excitement were like bread and butter. He was known far and wide as a fierce warrior, a soldier of the world. And after almost twenty years of scrapping in every war and revolution, in every corner of the globe, Brady was going to finally fight under his own flag, as a Captain in the WWI American air force. But rank didn’t matter to him. After all, he had been a Prime Minister in Abyssinia, a General in China, a Major in Honduras, a Chief of Staff in Mexico, and a buck private in Guatemala. What did matter was that he could now bring his savage skills to bear against Germany, to save Europe from the Kaiser and all his evil minions! The tales of Chinese Brady were written by C. M. Miller. They appeared in Popular Publications’ Battle Birds and Dare-Devil Aces from 1933 through 1940, thirteen of them in all. And Age of Aces is bringing them to you, collected for the first time in one volume.

Stories include:

  • “Buzzard’s Duel” – Battle Birds, September 1933
  • “Gotha Fodder” – Battle Birds, April 1934
  • “The Invisible Ace” – Dare-Devil Aces, June 1934
  • “Volcano Ace” – Dare-Devil Aces, December 1934
  • “The Iron Ace” – Dare-Devil Aces, April 1935
  • “The Dragon Patrol” – Dare-Devil Aces, June 1935
  • “The Iron Buzzards” – Dare-Devil Aces, September 1935
  • “Captain Dynamite” – Dare-Devil Aces, October 1935
  • “The Cannibal Patrol” – Dare-Devil Aces, December 1935
  • “The Rotting Death” – Dare-Devil Aces, February 1936
  • “The Musical Death” – Dare-Devil Aces, May 1936
  • “The Eye of Doom” – Dare-Devil Aces,January 1937
  • “Souvenir from Satan” – Dare-Devil Aces, January 1940
$16.99 | 6″x9″ trade paperback | 360pp | ISBN:978-0-9794092-5-7