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Battling Grogan and the Dragon Squadron

By Robert M. Burtt

Battling GroganOnce again join us on a journey back to an “Age of Aces” as “Battling” Mord Grogan burns through the tortured skies of pre-WWII China. Grogan, an American pilot, commands the all-Chinese “Dragon Squadron” in their battle against the invading Japanese along with his three valiant flight commanders: Monty St. John, the lanky Limey; slender Hank Goyen, the dapper Frog; and last but not least, the imperturbable Ah Im, Grogan’s boyhood chum of old Nanking days, now premier olive-toned ace of the Dragon clan. Never before has the struggle been so fierce or the danger of Oriental treachery so great!

WWI pilot Robert M. Burtt wrote the fourteen Battling Grogan stories in the early 1930’s for Flying Aces Magazine before becoming well known as the co-creator and writer of aviation-themed radio serials like The Air Adventures of Jimmy Allen, Captain Midnight, Hop Harrigan and Sky King.

Stories include:

  • “Against The Rising Sun” – Flying Aces, May 1932
  • “The Squadron of Skeletons” – Flying Aces, June 1932
  • “The Tartar Thunderbolt” – Flying Aces, October 1932
  • “The Dragon’s Brood” – Flying Aces, February 1933
  • “Shanghai Hawks” – Flying Aces, March 1933
  • “Minions of the Mikado” – Flying Aces, June 1933
  • “Eagles of the East” – Flying Aces, July 1933
  • “The Dragon’s Decoy” – Flying Aces, September 1933
  • “Ming Menace” – Flying Aces, November 1933
  • “Death from The Rising Sun” – Flying Aces, December 1933
  • “The Bat Brood” – Flying Aces, January 1934
  • “Traitor Truce” – Flying Aces, February 1934
  • “Hawks of Nippon” – Flying Aces, May 1934
  • “Mace of The Mikado” – Flying Aces, September 1934


  • “28 Exciting Years” by Robert M. Burtt
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