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All of our Age of Aces reprints are licensed and published with the co-operation of the legal rights holders of those stories.  However, among our large collection of aviation pulp magazines, there are plenty of titles that have gone into the public domain. We are happy to provide free access to many of these stories. Just visit the “Age of Aces Presents” page to find downloadable PDFs.

Age of Aces Desktops

We can't stop harping on about the excellent art work that doesn't get enough credit in our books. Now you can install them as a Desktop Wallpaper on your computer!

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Age of Aces Presents

Here's a chance for regular readers of our aviation titles to read MORE of the stories they love! Or, if you're unfamiliar with the genre, give it a try! Maybe you'll get hooked and buy one of our books! Either way, we think you'll enjoy these free PDFs of public domain flying stories from Sky Fighters, Wings, Flying Aces and more!

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Battle Aces Cover Gallery

Although a majority of our stories come from the pages of Dare-Devil Aces, some of the characters also appeared in sister magazines Battle Aces and Battle Birds. Like Dare-Devil Aces, the covers of Battle Aces were also not specific to any story within, although starting with the June 1931 issue, Frederick Blakeslee started providing the stories behind his cover paintings––representing real scenes from the war and featuring the planes readers wanted to see.

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Dare-Devil Aces Cover Gallery

Popular Publications published some dynamite aviation art on the cover of Dare-Devil Aces! Sadly, we don't use more than a sliver of it for our books. But that's a design choice -- We're not trying to keep anything from you. To prove it, here is where we are building a gallery of gorgeous pulp covers from Dare-Devil Aces by the incomparable Frederick Blakeslee!

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