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Age of Aces Books is a publisher of lost pulp fiction treasures with a keen eye for design. The company published its first book in 2007, but its roots go back another ten years. That’s when Bill Mann and the Kalb brothers, Chris and David, originally bonded over a shared love of pulp fiction at the venerable gathering of collectors known as PulpCon. Over the years they watched as a number of their fellow collectors made rare stories available in reprint editions, and eventually Bill decided that’s what he’d like to do — focusing initially on the aviation stories he loved. Though he had collected piles of material, and he actually enjoyed scanning-in the stories and proofing them, Bill didn’t really have a clue about how to turn his text into a book. Not a problem. Chris and David were eager to get in on the action and quickly came on board as designers. Together they’ve published an impressive number of books in just a few years, and even branched out into more earth-bound characters like Sheridan Doome and The Spider.

For more information, or for wholesale orders, you can contact Chris Kalb at cdkalb@mac.com; David Kalb at dmkalb@mac.com.

Bill Mann

As Editor of Age of Aces Books, Bill works closely with Chris and David Kalb in the selection process when deciding on a reprint project. His main contribution though is the scanning, OCR processing and proofing of the old pulp magazine text. Bill says that he is getting better at it with each new book.
Out [...]

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Chris Kalb

Chris Kalb is Age of Aces’ Art Director. He acted as the sole designer on the Spider, Captain Babyface and Sheridan Doome books, and has consulted on the others. Probably his favorite aspect of the job is designing new old-looking logos for great aviation characters who never had their own magazine titles.
Chris has been known in [...]

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David Kalb

Credited as Designer, David is responsible for putting the words and images together into one neat package. “Basically, I do the heavy lifting. I take the OCRed stories Bill sends me and work them into our general design Chris established with Captain Babyface. I scan the artwork and clean it up––removing the titles and text [...]

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