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“Adventures Into The Unknown: The House of the Screaming Skull” by Frederick Blakeslee

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BACK with another of Frederick Blakeslee’s “Adventures Into The Unknown!” Blakeslee published fourteen installments of his two-page illustrated looks into the Unknown between March 1948 and October 1950. This time around Mr. Blakeslee relates the story of Burton Agnes Hall, built by Sir Henry Griffith during the first decade of the 1600’s. When his youngest daughter lay near death, she requested that her head be preserved in the walls of Burton Agnes Hall and if it were to ever be removed she would unleash unholy hell upon the manor until it was returned!

From the August 1950 issue of 15 Mystery Stories it’s “Adventures Into The Unknown: The House of the Screaming Skull!”

ADVENTURES INTO THE UNKNOWN: The House of the Screaming Skull
by Frederick Blakeslee (15 Mystery Stories, August 1950)

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