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An Elmer Hubbard Bibliography

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This month we’re celebrating the talents of that pulp stalwart—Joe Archibald. Archibald wrote hundreds of stories for the pulps, both dramatic and humorous. His bread and butter it would seem was the humorous tale. He had long running series in several pulp titles. In the detective titles there was Alvin Hinkey, the harness bull Hawkshaw, in 10 Story Detective; Scoops & Snooty, the Evening Star’s dizzy duo, in Ten Detective Aces; and the President of the Hawkeye Detective Agency himself—Willie Klump in Popular Detective. While in the aviation titles he had the pride of Booneville—Phineas Pinkham in Flying Aces; and the one-two punch of Ambrose Hooley & Muley Spinks in The Lone Eagle, The American Eagle, Sky Fighters and War Birds!; and Elmer Hubbard and Pokey Cook in Sky Birds!

Joe Archibald also supplied illustrations for his Elmer Hubbard stories
as he was doing with the Phineas Pinkham howls in Flying Aces.

Archibald wrote the Elmer Hubbard stories as if they were letters Elmer was writing home to his friend Pete back in Rumford Junction, Maine. In these Billy Doos he tells Pete all about his adventures as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Air Corpse—the hi-jinx he gets up to with his buddy Pokey Cook knocking around Paris and knocking down germans. All the usual Archibald humor abounds.

A listing of all the Elmer Hubbard stories.

title magazine date vol no
Elmer of The Air Core Sky Birds Sep 07 6
Local Boy Makes Good Sky Birds Oct 07 7
Paree—And Busted Sky Birds Nov 07 8
Nitwit’s Nest Sky Birds Dec 07 9
Elmer Knows His Groceries Sky Birds Jan 07 10
Assault and Flattery Sky Birds Feb 07 11
Chute The Works Sky Birds Mar 07 12
Elmer and His Tin Fish Sky Birds Apr 10 1
School Daze Sky Birds Jun 10 2
Duck Soup For Elmer Sky Birds Aug 10 3
Hedgehopper’s Heaven Sky Birds Sep 10 4
I.O.U.—One Ace Sky Birds Oct 11 1
Stick With Me, Elmer Sky Birds Nov 11 2
Sadder, But Not Wiser Sky Birds Dec 11 3
Cook’s Detour Sky Birds Jan 11 4
Good Night, Nurse Sky birds Feb 12 1
To The Highest Kidder Sky Birds Mar 12 2
Kilt In Action Sky Birds Apr 12 3
Bullet Spoof Sky Birds May 12 4
Scent By Air Sky Birds Jul 13` 1
A Spree De Corpse Sky Birds Aug 13 2
I Cover The Western Front Sky Birds Sep 13 3
Spark Pugs Sky Birds Oct 13 4
Ain’t We Got hun Sky Birds Nov 14 1
Page Mr. Handley Sky Birds Dec 14 2
Channel Skimmers Sky Birds Jan 14 3
The Vanishing Americans Sky Birds Feb 14 4
Uneasy Marks Sky Birds Mar 15 1
Three Flights Up Sky Birds Apr 15 2
By Hook or Cook Sky Birds May 15 3
The Tusk Patrol Sky Birds Jun 15 4
Hokus Focus Sky Birds Jul 16 1
Stormy Petrol Sky Birds Aug 16 2
Spy Crust Sky Birds Sep 16 3
France Formation Sky Birds Oct 16 4
Fudge Fight Sky Birds Nov 17 1
Yankee Boodle Sky Birds Dec 17 2
The Oily Bird Sky Birds jan 17 3
Observation Bust Sky Birds Feb 17 4
Red Herrs Sky Birds Mar 18 1
Crash and Carrie Sky Birds Apr 18 2
Heir Attack Sky Birds Jun 18 3
Shoe Flyers Sky Birds Jul 18 4
Zoom With Bath Sky Birds Aug 19 1
Stars and Tripes Sky Birds Sep 19 2
Slip Screams Sky Birds Dec 19 3


We present as a bonus, Joe Archibald’s first tale of Elmer Hubbard. Elmer writes his first letter to Pete back in Rumford Junction telling him all about his first days in France as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force with Pokey Cook.

Elmer Hubbard, second looie in the U.S. Air Force, hadn’t done what he did, he’d have been just a gold star in the window of Perkins & Biggers, Tires and Accessories, Rumford Junction, Maine. But let Elmer tell it himself—and don’t ask us how it got passed by the censor!


And check out these previously posted letters home from Elmer Hubbard of his exploits on the Western Front with Pokey Cook.

Duck Soup For Elmer

Rittmeister von Gluck was making things so tough on the tarmac where Elmer of the Air Corps parked his Spad that G.H.Q. threatened to move the whole drome back. But there was a very special reason why Elmer didn’t want that to happen—a reason named Gwendolyn. Now don’t get us wrong—Gwendolyn was no lady!

Channel Skimmers

There’s no stopping a pair of daring explorers like Elmer of the Air Corpse and Pokey Cook. This time they find themselves in England—but Pokey wants a bridge built across the Channel before he’ll go back. No stopping them? Well, not much!

The Varnishing Americans

If you thought Elmer Hubbard and Pokey Cook were a couple of wild Indians before, just wait until you see them with their war paint and feathers on! Even C.O. Mulligan had to listen to their war whoops with a smile.

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