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“The Sky Raider Pt6″ by Donald E. Keyhoe

Link - Posted by David on December 10, 2014 @ 12:00 pm in

Continuing with Donald E. Keyhoe’s The Sky Raider, a serialized novel from 1929. A lot has happened. On Monday. . .

    A police Inspector arrives and arrests Old Man Rand for the murder of Lawson. No one is allowed to leave the house. Kiely, the postal inspector, arrives confident of Rand’s innocence, but Old Man Rand refuses to tell where he was during the early morning hours. Young Tommy Rand arrives. His father talks privately with him. Then the police come for the old man. . . .

Is Old Man Rand guilty of killing Lawson? What of the stolen $250,00? Will they turn up any incriminating evidence at Old Man Rand’s house? Find out in the sixth installment of Donald E. Keyhoe’s The Sky Raider!


And come back on Friday for the next installment!

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