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“The Sky Raider Pt3″ by Donald E. Keyhoe

Link - Posted by David on December 3, 2014 @ 12:00 pm in

Continuing with Donald E. Keyhoe’s The Sky Raider, a serialized novel from 1929. A lot has happened so far and the plot’s about to thicken as murder is thrown into the mix! On Monday we saw…

    By a ruse, Dick Trent enters the Gambling house to find young Tommy Rand drinking and induces him to leave after reading the important letter his old man had entrusted Dick to deliver. The letter was a Government report of censure for intoxication. Dick, disobeying regulations, flies Tommy back to save him from dismissal. Carmichael see them land. He threatens Dick with dismissal. However, when he is called to Rand’s house, Dick hears praise for his work from Old Man Rand and finds he is in love with Mary. . . .

What could possibly go wrong when Mary comes down to the field to practice landing a plane? Find out in the third installment of Donald E. Keyhoe’s The Sky Raider!


And come back on Friday for the next installment!

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