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“Dave Dawson at Dunkirk” by Robert Sidney Bowen

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The Dave Dawson series of novels by Robert Sydney Bowen visits the history and events of WWII through the exciting adventures of teenagers Dave Dawson and Freddy Farmer. In this one the boys get trapped in the German invasion of France and Belgium. They must survive artillery barrages, capture by the Nazi’s, plane crashes, and other assorted mayhem, all in their quest to reach Dunkirk.

“Sky Devil and Son” by Harold F. Cruickshank

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The hero of our Age of Aces book Sky Devil: Hell’s Skipper returns to action in WWII. Bill Dawe had to change his name and lie about his age to join the RAF’s fight against Hitler’s Luftwaffe. But little did he know that the most important mission of his life was soon to come. He must rescue his own son from the clutches of the S.S. This is the first of four WWII Sky Devil stories from Harold F. Cruickshank.

“Brigand Beacons” by Arch Whitehouse

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By day he is a flying reporter for the Los Angeles Mercury newspaper, but Billy “Buzz” Benson’s real job is much more dangerous. He is a secret agent and pilot extraordinaire for the U.S. military. And his chief mission is keeping the emerging Japanese threat in the Pacific at bay. In this tale he is on hunt for “The Fiends of Fujiyama” and some stolen experimental weapons.