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“The Spider and the Flyer” by Joe Archibald

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Joe Archibald also did the illustrations for the humorous Phineas Pinkham stories that appeared in Flying Aces every month for 13 years.

“Blood on the Sun” by Ralph Oppenheim

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Here is the second of The Three Mosquitoes stories that were set in pre-WWII China. There isn’t much actual Air War in this one but there is still plenty of action as the Mosquitoes try to rescue a Chinese warlord’s son from the invading Japanese.

“The Falcon Strikes” by Major George Fielding Eliot

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Lieutenant Jim Davison, a Yank serving with the Royal Flying Corps in the Caucasus, is caught between the Russians and the Germans as he tries to help Prince David of Georgia recover a lost treasure.

“Roaring Motors” by Ralph Oppenheim

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Here is another early adventure of The Three Mosquitoes by Ralph Oppenheim. This one tells the story of the Mosquitoes daring raid deep behind the lines to rescue an Allied spy.

“Scourge of the Sky Hellions” by Robert Byrd

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This full length novel tells the tale of Lieutenant Colonel “Stormy” Lake, who never met a rule he couldn’t break, an officer he couldn’t insult, or a German plane he couldn’t shoot down. So when the Allies formed the “Blackbird” squadron to take on the unorthodox, daring, and seemingly invincible “Red Devils Staffel”, Stormy Lake was the logical choice to command it. But Stormy would soon find that the Red Devils were not like any Germans he had fought before.

Although this story is credited to Robert “Bob” Byrd, who is also cedited with the Ka-Zar novels, the author’s real name is Thomson Burtis. This story is a reprint of Flying Blackbirds, a Burtis book published in 1932.

“Stars for China” by Ralph Oppenheim

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The Three Mosquitoes spent most of their time in Europe fighting the Kaiser’s worst in WWI. But this and one other of their exploits took place in pre-WWII China where they helped fight the invading Japanese. Author Ralph Oppenheim managed to update the trio for these stories and still keep the spirit of the Mosquitoes intact. An odd fact, Oppenheim wrote all these air tales having never flown.